Only one big data solution comes with its own award-winning web index

Since 2008 Majestic-12 has crawled the web again, and again, and again. We have seen 2.7 trillion URLs come and go, and in the last 90 days we have seen, checked, scored and categorised 715 billion URLs. That’s pretty much the whole visible web

We operate one of the planet's biggest distributed web crawlers and gather all of our own data, nothing is scraped from other services. The data that we provide is bottled fresh, straight from the source.

Would you like a list of the top 100,000 Twitter profiles, ordered by Sporting influence? Or, maybe you'd like to see the most trusted Wikipedia pages in the "Home Insurance" category?

Through Majestic Analytics, we can bring custom, bespoke snapshots of our data to you. Think about what you would REALLY like from a big data solution – then see what Majestic Analytics offers

We big data

Are you an Enterprise looking to deploy Big Data solutions?

We think we have something other Big Data partners can't offer

Companies are starting to see that Big Data solutions can offer universal views of your customers, your brand, and your influence. Businesses are looking for the holy grail of data-driven metrics.

We are now in a global market where your customers are your key advocates. They influence your brand more than any television commercial – and they are speaking online. They are blogging, engaging with other prospects, and they have a voice.

Any big data exploration of your customer is incomplete without knowing what they say and do outside your website, outside your direct sphere of control. To know that, you would need access to the whole Internet. You're redefining Big Data.

You need a Big Data solution that is backed by one of the world's largest web crawlers

Our solution is backed with rows of data from over 700 billion webpages, with over 800 data points for each page. This data is constantly maintained and updated. We maintain a current and comprehensive index of the web, and if you need to look back at long-term trends, we have an even larger historical index of more than 2.7 trillion rows (dating back to 2007).

Imagine blending our data with your client data, web data, store foot-fall, public opinion, geographical segmentation …

Imagine being able to join, slice, dice, extrapolate and interpret this data – sometimes in real time, but always in good time – so that you can truly call yourself a data driven business.

That's big data. How did you plan to use it before you knew about Majestic Analytics? How would you feel deploying a big data solution without access to the data we have on every page on the Internet, every profile and every object? That's why you should look at Majestic’s data capabilities in some detail.

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Trying Majestic Analytics

You may not have heard of Majestic Analytics, but we have always been there. For almost any website the world over, our technology will be in the top 10 list, indexing and analysing the web just like more consumer based robots like Google and Bing.

This data has provided a market leading API for over five years, giving those in the know unparalleled insight into the underlying map of the Internet’s links and connections. We already know the context and trust associated with every web page across 800 business verticals.

When you see our retail offering, Majestic, you’ll know exactly how powerful our data is. If that’s our retail offering, imagine what an Enterprise offering could offer you?

Try the data

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Remember, you're looking at a piece of our data, one URL at a time. Imagine what you could do with a bulk extract of 50,000 URLs.

We have over 800 data points for all of the websites listed in your CRM database. We know their influence, trust and category.

Some Examples

Top Twitter Accounts

In Summer 2013, we carried out research for Forbes. We wanted to find the top 1,000 Twitter profiles for them, based on how the web votes for those profiles in terms of links. In the process, we ranked the top 70 MILLION Twitter profiles!

See how they used our data

Wikipedia by Topic

Now that we have the entire web catalogued to URL level, we wondered if we could produce lists of the top 100 pages on a website for each topic. It turns out that we can, for any website. Want to see the most influential Wikipedia articles on Insurance?

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The Best University

To find the 'best' university in the USA, We studied the percentage ratios of .edu and .gov referring domains to the total number of referring domains, and applied that to the USA institutes of higher learning in our the Majestic Million.

See the results

If you'd like to find out more,

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